Australia's leading containment facility builders and contractors.

Unlike your standard cleanroom build, biocontainment and biosecurity, facilities are a risk to lab staff and facility operators if they are not built correctly. TPC has built many successful containment facility projects throughout Australia and our experienced staff easily achieve the maximum allowable leakage rates of 120L a minute at 200 pascals. TPC also assist others where there has been a failure by the inexperience of their builder or contractors. TPC through our detailed and diligent QA system ensures that throughout the laboratory build each associated trade well is aware of the risks associated with poor installation techniques. TPC provides on-site workshops to assist with onsite training of their personnel when required. TPC at the start of the project openly discusses through a detailed induction process what issues may arise and how to ensure a perfect seal is achieved first time around.
To ensure TPC is updated with the latest information and products relating to Bio-safety and Bio-security, the directors and supervisors at TPC attend regular training courses and are at the forefront of new technologies that could improve the products and installation we offer. TPC are members of the association of Biosafety for Australia & New Zealand (ABSANZ).
To ensure a minimum leakage rate is achieved TPC progressively pressure tests the rooms before trades commence and after each trade group using a NATA certified test rig. These test results form part of our QA documentation for the project on completion.