Cool rooms

TPC are experts in design, construction and maintenance of temperature controlled environments. Regardless of the type of project you are constructing we can ensure that your project is efficient, reliable and exceptionally well built. We have over 25 years’ experience and a sound knowledge of the industry.


Total Precision Cleanrooms Aust (TPC) provide design, construction and maintenance services to 1st and 2nd tier builders, clients directly and various types of consultants throughout Australia. TPC have extensive experience in the construction of controlled environments for a number of industries and sectors. Areas such as, pharmaceutical and healthcare, environmental laboratories, cold storage and distribution facilities, cleanrooms, bio containment, CT rooms for universities, defence, quarantine, research and development, specialist industries, and food and beverage manufacturing facilities. TPC have over 17 years’ experience in design, construction and maintenance, and the company director has a further 10 years experience in refrigerated temperature controlled environments. TPC since its inception in 2001 has completed many projects throughout Australia and has a reputation for high quality workmanship. With the added knowledge and understanding of the industry and our hands on approach we believe sets TPC apart from its competitors and ensures a successful project delivery every time.


What TPC specialise in:


Containment facility construction

Clean room construction


Controlled temperature (CT rooms)

LED lighting

Specialised equipment installation

Door and window systems

Integrity testing and rectification

Facility maintenance


TPC can also assist in non-critical building and construction such as office fit out, air conditioning and internal finishes.