Office fit-out

Total Precision Cleanrooms Aust is a registered builder with unrivaled experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Whilst most of our work centers around  the more technical aspects of the project, such as the cleanroom or containment facilities. TPC can also assist with the less complex supporting areas such as R&D laboratories, offices, kitchens and amenities which are an integral part of the complete facility. These areas are usually built with cheaper materials such as dry wall and commercial grade partitions, tiled ceilings and timber doors. TPC can provide a full solution package including design, construction and permit documentation  for our customers construction needs. For your next project here are several factors to consider when designing your new project. TPC, through detailed discussion with you, focus on getting an understanding of what your organisation requires. We design and incorporate modern and innovative trends such as height adjustable workstations, breakout spaces and practical solutions that promote increased productivity from your staff at the office.